Moon Supersitions

From the 1865 edition of The Book of Days: A Miscellany of Popular Antiquities, here are some Moon superstitions that were once popular beliefs.

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  • It is unlucky to kill a pig in the wane of the Moon, or the pork will waste in boiling.
  • It is unlucky to see the New Moon for the first time through glass – such as a window or telescope. But what about my eyeglasses?
  • A Saturday moon, If it comes once in seven years, Comes once too soon.
    So, if the new moon is on a Saturday, the weather will likely be bad for the ensuing month.
  • To see “the old moon in the arms of the new one” is a reckoned sign of fine weather. The sliver of a New Moon does sometimes appear to be hugging the rest of the Moon which looks a bit older.
  • More fine weather comes with the turning up of  “the horns of the new moon.”  In this position, it is supposed to retain the water that is imagined to be on the Moon, which would run out and fall to Earth as rain if the horns were turned down.
New moon

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