Cabins and Chapels

Following up on an earlier post about cabins… Some years ago, I saw that The Royal Institute of British Architects had an exhibit “Le Corbusier – The Art of Architecture” which included a full-scale model of Le Corbusier’s Cabanon. That is a micro-cabin he built in Cap Martine on the French Riviera in 1952. He … Continue reading Cabins and Chapels

Building a Cabin in Paradelle

On a chilly night that opens December here in Paradelle, I catch the scent of wood fires in the air tonight and when I step into the front porch of my house I smell the pine branches my wife is soaking to make a wreath. It is not winter officially and the weather is still … Continue reading Building a Cabin in Paradelle

Are You Feeling Any Spring or Cabin Fever?

It’s post-vernal equinox. Are you feeling any symptoms of Spring Fever? Spring Fever is an interesting term for a phenomenon or pseudo-illness. It seems to have entered English in the mid-1800s. Linguistically, it is interesting because it has two meanings which are opposites. There is the term contronym to describe words that are also antonyms. … Continue reading Are You Feeling Any Spring or Cabin Fever?

You Should Not Need A Cabin To Be A Writer, But

You should not need an isolated cabin in the woods in order to write. And yet, many of us – writer and would-be writers – have probably fantasized about having an isolated place in the woods, a mountaintop or island retreat where we could go and find inspiration and peace. There is no good evidence … Continue reading You Should Not Need A Cabin To Be A Writer, But