Contemplative Practices

I have posted on contemplative practices before and last year I posted about a brief guided practice using a bell sound meditation. But even at five minutes, it’s more time than many people are willing to give to quiet contemplation. In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu says, “Do you have the patience to wait until … Continue reading Contemplative Practices

Going Nowhere

Can going nowhere be a journey? The pandemic certainly had many of us going nowhere. I canceled vacations that had been planned in 2020 and this year. The term “staycation” predates the pandemic but it is that idea of staying where you are or only traveling nearby. Travel can be wonderful. It can also be … Continue reading Going Nowhere

What I Am Listening To: Poetry

In this “What I Am Listening To,” I focus on poetry podcasts. I listen to all of these on the Stitcher app but I suspect that they are also available on other apps. The Writer’s Almanac – I have been starting my day with The Writer’s Almanac daily podcast of poetry and historical interest pieces, … Continue reading What I Am Listening To: Poetry

The Lightning Moon of August

Though the Moon will be “fullest” in Paradelle at 01:56:12 pm today, I will (like most of us) be looking up at it tonight. One neo-pagan name for this August Full Moon is the Lightning Moon, and around Paradelle there has been a lot of thunder, lightning and rain. This August Full Moon is also known … Continue reading The Lightning Moon of August

An Amble with Thoreau

“A traveler! I love this title. A traveler is to be reverenced as such.His profession is the best symbol of our life.Going from ___ toward ___; it is the history of every one of us.” Henry David Thoreau’s 200th birthday is this year. I have never quite felt comfortable with the idea of marking birthdays … Continue reading An Amble with Thoreau