A Dark Moon on the Eve of Halloween

I have once again successfully avoided Halloween by being away from home. It is my least favorite calendar event. I didn’t like it as a kid and I don’t like it as an old Grinchy man. I know plenty of Americans do love it. And people celebrate versions of Halloween or Hallowtide or Samhain. I can … Continue reading A Dark Moon on the Eve of Halloween

Moon Myths 4 – The Dark Moon

Tonight is a New Moon, also known as the Dark Moon. Even in the modern Druidic calendar, the phases of the moon are followed closely. The night of the Full Moon is considered a time of rejoicing, and the night of the New Moon is a solemn occasion, calling for vigils and meditation. To the … Continue reading Moon Myths 4 – The Dark Moon

A Sleeping Moon Before the Dark Moon

I have written about this November Full Moon as being the  “Beaver Moon,” a name that either comes from human activity, such as American Indians setting beaver traps during this month, or from the animal activity as beavers build their winter dams. November was the ninth month in the oldest Roman calendar. The goddess Hecate … Continue reading A Sleeping Moon Before the Dark Moon

Dark of the Moon

The December New Moon occurs tonight (December 22). With the Moon positioned exactly between the Earth and the sun, it is considered an opportune time of the month for a good view of the objects that are otherwise not visible due to the moonlight. To astronomers, the phrase “new moon” means when the Moon is … Continue reading Dark of the Moon

The Rhyming Full Moon of June

The June 2023 Full Moon, popularly called the Strawberry Moon, will be on tonight, June 3 at 11:42 PM EDT or June 4 at 3:42 AM UTC. Okay, it will look very full even on the 3rd no matter what time zone you’re in. This third Full Moon of spring occurs about two weeks before … Continue reading The Rhyming Full Moon of June