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Just Another Existential Crisis

I haven’t heard the term  “existential crisis” used lately. I don’t think that is because they don’t occur any more. I suspect they occur more today than they did in earlier times. An existential crisis is defined as a moment that an individual questions the meaning of life. Despite having no proof to point to, […]

Café Culture and Where Ideas Come From

I was quite charmed last year when I made my first visit to Prague in the Czech Republic. I had in my mind a Romanticized version of the city and its famed café culture. In my imagination, it was people sipping coffee on sidewalk table and talking about art and literature. When my wife and […]

The Gift of Failure

Failure is not normally seen as a gift. It is not something we usually want or give thanks for getting. Failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective. People view it as the opposite of success. A failure may not be an achievement but can it be seen as […]

The Zen of Groundhog Day

I watch this film at least once a year. I’m sure there are people who think of this film – seen or unseen – as “just another Bill Murray/Harold Ramis comedy.” I really believe it is far more profound than you would think at a glance. I don’t know that the filmmakers’ intended all of […]

The Meaning of Life

I try to take on Big Questions on this site, so it was inevitable that I would have to take on the meaning of life at some point. And give an answer. It’s a philosophical toughie. It’s the hardest possible essay question on The Final Exam. According to existentialism, each man and each woman creates […]

My Pay It Forward Film Festival

A movie collision. A friend returned to me (after several years) two borrowed DVDs. One was K-PAX and the other was Pay It Forward. Both are films that I really like, but that did not receive great reviews. They both feature Kevin Spacey. K-PAX is a 2001 film (directed by Iain Softley) with Spacey and […]