Middle Insomnia

Regular readers will know that I have issues with sleeping, and that I have an interest in reading about sleep and about dreams.  I came across a term that is new to me and probably describes a problem some of you have at night: middle insomnia. Middle insomnia is not the inability to fall asleep … Continue reading Middle Insomnia

Hemingway’s Last Decade and Last Day

In 1950, Ernest Hemingway had been working on a long novel tentatively titled The Sea Book. The writing was difficult and he felt his abilities were diminished. He only published a section of the manuscript during his life as The Old Man and the Sea (1952). Despite the fact that the book was well-reviewed and … Continue reading Hemingway’s Last Decade and Last Day

Is Coronasomnia a Real Thing?

I imagine the earliest humans suffered from insomnia. That had to be a stressful time to live with survival a daily issue. A lot of press has been given this year to the psychological stressors that the pandemic has either created or intensified. I saw an AMA article about COVID-19 and its resulting anxiety and … Continue reading Is Coronasomnia a Real Thing?