The Search for 2021

One thing that indicates the year end for me is Google telling us about “The Year in Search.” The Google Trends reveal some things about the questions we were asking, the people who inspired us, and the moments that captured the world’s attention in 2021each year.

What does it all say about this past year?

In 2021, doomscrolling was searched more than ever globally.

fire and flood were global breakout searches at the same time in July.

Here in the USA in January, searches for united states capitol were greater than searches for covid-19 vaccine globally.

I looked for some of the more positive trends. Here are a few.

More positively, searches for affirmations reached an all-time high worldwide this year.

Search interest for when can i get a covid booster increased 10X from July to August globally.

The world searched impact of climate change more than ever before in 2021.

The U.S. searched what are the odds of winning the mega millions more than what are the odds of being struck by lightning this year.

vaccination volunteer was the top trending volunteer opportunity searched worldwide this year.

Search interest for how to conserve reached an all-time high in 2021 worldwide.

The year is not quite over. More trends to come at google/stories/year-in-search/

Curious how they come up with trends? Here’s some info on data methodology.

Thanks to Bernie Sanders, searches for mittens reached an all-time high in January globally.